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Lipoedema is more than just uncomfortable swelling; it’s a physically and emotionally debilitating condition that can impact the lives of countless individuals like you. However, the road to understanding, managing, and successfully navigating Lipoedema doesn’t have to be one traveled alone. As a dedicated Lipoedema specialist, Dr. Anuj Purbey is committed to helping you uncover your confidence and reclaim your life.

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Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand information about Lipoedema. We believe that awareness is the first step towards effective treatment. So, let’s understand Lipoedema while we explore the possibilities and treatments.


Understanding Lipoedema

Lipoedema, typically misspelled as lipedema, is a chronic disorder characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat cells in the legs, thighs, and sometimes the arms. This condition is distinct from obesity and occurs exclusively in women. Although it may seem like a cosmetic issue, Lipoedema goes beyond mere appearances, potentially causing considerable discomfort and mobility issues. Despite being first recognised as a condition in the 1940s, it is unfortunately often misdiagnosed as obesity or lymphedema even today.

Lipoedema Signs and Symptoms

Identifying Lipoedema early is crucial to effective management and control. The primary signs and symptoms of Lipoedema include bilaterally symmetrical swelling of legs (meaning it affects both legs equally), discomfort or tenderness in the affected areas, and inefficient response to diet or exercise. This condition is distinct from regular obesity: while people with obesity tend to accumulate fat evenly throughout their body or abdomen, those with Lipoedema experience irregular, often disproportionate accumulation, usually in their lower parts.

Lipoedema Signs and Symptoms

Identifying Lipoedema early is crucial to effective management and control. The primary signs and symptoms of Lipoedema include :

If you suspect that you have Lipoedema, it is crucial to seek the advice of a Lipoedema specialist in the UK, like Dr. Anuj Purbey.

Lipoedema Treatments

While there is no definitive cure for Lipoedema, treatments can help reduce its severity and improve your quality of life. Lipoedema treatments depend on the severity and affected body areas

It is crucial to consult with a Lipoedema specialist to discuss the most appropriate treatment options for you.

What Does Our Process Look Like?

The journey with Dr. Anuj Purbey is founded on comprehensive understanding, personalised treatment options, and continuous aftercare for all cases of Lipoedema, regardless of stage or body area affected. Our process consists of four stages

Why Choose Dr. Anuj Purbey for Lipoedema in Manchester?

As a skilled Lipoedema specialist in Manchester, Dr. Anuj Purbey brings unmatched expertise and experience in treating this complex, often misdiagnosed condition. His comprehensive approach ensures that patients receive accurate diagnosis, precise treatment advice, and ongoing support throughout their Lipoedema journey.

Dr. Purbey’s state-of-the-art clinic, advanced equipment, and finely honed techniques further contribute to successful Lipoedema management. By prioritizing patient education and empowerment, Dr. Anuj Purbey provides unparalleled Lipoedema care, from symptom identification to advanced treatments.

Understanding Lipoedema Treatment

Understanding Lipoedema Treatment






Lipoedema of the ankles results in a swelling that conceals the ankle's natural contour, leading to a condition colloquially known as "cankles". Compressive wraps and elevation can help in reducing fluid build-up, although the resistant fat deposits may only respond to surgical interventions.

While less common, Lipoedema can also affect the arms. Characteristic symptoms include bilaterally symmetrical swelling, tenderness, and a distinctive ‘bracelet effect’ around the wrists where swelling abruptly ends. Conservative approaches like massage and exercise can improve mobility and discomfort, while liposuction may be beneficial in advanced cases.

In Lipoedema, thighs typically present with large, saddlebag-like fat pockets that are resistant to weight loss efforts. These fat deposits can lead to skin irritation and an uncomfortable rubbing together of the thighs. Compression garments can help alleviate discomfort, but liposuction is often the most effective treatment for Lipoedema thighs.

Secondly, the knees are another common site for Lipoedema fat accumulation. The disproportionate fat build-up can cause physical discomfort and mobility issues, restricting bending and movement. Knees with Lipoedema may also show skin changes, like increased thickness or hyperpigmentation. Non-surgical treatments like manual lymphatic drainage massage can aid fluid movement and pain management. In stubborn cases, liposuction may provide substantial relief.

With one of the most recognized signs of Lipoedema being disproportionate fat distribution, the calves are usually prominently affected. Usual features seen are significant bilateral swelling leading to a column-like appearance, tenderness to touch, and easy bruising. While exercise and diet do little to eliminate the excess fat, compression garments and physical therapy can help in managing the swelling and pain.

Lipoedema’s overall effects on the body can be debilitating physically, psychologically, and socially. The pain and reduced mobility associated with advanced stages can significantly impact daily activities, relationships, and mental health. That’s why it’s crucial to understand this condition thoroughly and to seek professional help.

At the heart of our practice, we believe in empowering our patients with knowledge and comprehensive treatment plans. If you believe you have Lipoedema, your first step should be consulting a Lipoedema Specialist in Manchester, such as Dr. Anuj Purbey. Our team is ready to guide you with expertise and empathy, ensuring the best possible outcomes for you on your Lipoedema journey.

In the words of patients who have trusted Dr. Anuj Purbey to guide them through their Lipoedema journey, the transformation has been life-changing. As you read the success stories and testimonials on our website, you’ll find that our patients appreciate the personalized  care, empathetic approach, and expertise we offer.

These testimonials stand as a testament to Dr. Purbey’s dedication to improving the quality of life for those suffering from Lipoedema.

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Anon8 Nov 2022
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Wendy2 Oct 2022
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John Curtin
John Curtin26 Sept 2022
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The primary signs of Lipoedema include bilaterally symmetrical swelling, disproportionate fat distribution (particularly in the hips and legs), easy bruising, and tenderness. Individuals may also experience sensations of heaviness and fatigue.

Currently, there is no definitive cure for Lipoedema. However, various treatments and management strategies can alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life.

The treatment process usually begins with a clinical examination and diagnosis, potentially with the aid of ultrasound imaging. Treatment options may include compression therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise recommendations, liposuction, or surgical interventions. Aftercare and continuous monitoring also form integral aspects of the treatment process.

Recovery times can vary based on the treatment. Following procedures such as liposuction, patients may need to wear compression garments for 4-6 weeks to control swelling and aid recovery.

Post-treatment, controlling Lipoedema involves regular monitoring, ongoing lymphatic draining, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a weight management regimen, and potentially wearing compression garments.

While Lipoedema fat doesn’t typically respond to diet and exercise, maintaining overall health and weight can be beneficial. Additionally, some types of exercise, especially those that promote lymph flow such as swimming, yoga, and walking, can help to reduce associated discomfort

Yes, although less common, Lipoedema can affect the arms and, in some cases, can cause swelling around the ankles, leading to a condition colloquially known as “cankles”.

Compression garments, such as stockings or sleeves, are usually recommended as part of the treatment and post-treatment regimen. These help to increase circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate discomfort.

Yes, Lipoedema is a progressive condition that tends to worsen over time if left untreated. However, progression rates can vary significantly among individuals.

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