About Our Team

The clinic thrives on the dedication of our team of doctors, nurses, aestheticians, and support staff, under the able guidance of Dr. Anuj Purbey. A seasoned VASER surgeon, Dr. Purbey’s masterful body contouring, particularly his full legs reshaping and dexterity in treating lipoedema, sets the standards of precision in our practice.

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Our Goals

At the heart of our practice are foundational goals we live and work by

To break down barriers in patient experience, fostering a climate of absolute trust, comfort, receptiveness, and mutual understanding – A patient is not just a patient – they are our partner in a shared aesthetic journey.

To act as flag-bearers of innovation, harnessing cutting-edge technology while maintaining the delicate human touch that personalises aesthetic medicine.

To ensure everyone who interacts with our clinic, from patient to practitioner, feels valued, respected, and crucial to our community, supporting a culture of empathy and open communication.

To uncompromisingly stand by the ethical integrity of our practice and adhere to stringent safety protocols, delivering care that is dictated by high quality and uncompromised standards.

Pursuing Excellence

The journey each patient takes with us is more than a medical procedure. It is a transformation, a healthy partnership guiding you from the initial consultation to post-operative recuperation. Your safety and comfort are our utmost concerns, and our care philosophy revolves around these twin pillars, weaved together with warmth that is intrinsically Purbey Clinic throughout the entire patient journey.

Beyond the Procedure

We are there for you, beyond the operating room. With bespoke post-surgical care, including custom-made wearable, guided diet, and workout charts, we invest in your complete recovery. We make ourselves available to answer your questions and allay any doubts you may have – all part of our wholehearted commitment to your aesthetic aspirations.

Step into our clinic and you step into a nurturing environment, devoted to helping you actualize your body goals. Choosing Dr. Anuj Purbey Clinic means choosing a supportive companion in your journey to aesthetic fulfilment and renewed confidence. Let’s embark on this transformative journey, together.

About Anuj Purbey

Mr Anuj Purbey is an experienced aesthetic surgeon. He has a passion for body contouring and facial aesthetic procedures. He qualified in Medicine in 2001 (MBBS, India) and in 2003 continued in his pursuit of state-of-the-art surgical training in the United Kingdom.

Our expert aesthetic surgeons help you enhance natural beauty with customized procedures that deliver stunning results.

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