Skin Lesions

Skin Lesions - Mole, Cyst, Skin Tag
Removal by Dr. Anuj Purbey

Give your skin a fresh look and gain renewed confidence

Regain the confidence to unveil your true beauty with the hands of an industry expert. Dr. Anuj Purbey provides a private and individually-tailored consultation for skin lesion treatments, ensuring the highest level of safety and the most realistic results.

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Skin Lesions Before And After Results

Check out the transformational results following mole, cyst, and skin tag removal by Dr. Anuj Purbey. Our clinic is considered as the top choice for such treatments in the vicinity.

Skin Lesions

What are Skin Lesions?

Skin lesions such as moles, cysts, and skin tags are common growths that can occur anywhere on the body. While they’re typically benign and harmless, many individuals choose to have them removed for aesthetic reasons or if they cause discomfort.

Why Should Skin Lesions be Removed?

Whether it’s a mole that affects your self-esteem, a skin cyst causing discomfort, or a tag catching against your clothes, removal offers relief, restores skin appearance, and can also eliminate any risk of malignancy.

Are You a Candidate for Skin Lesion Removal?

If you have prominent moles, cysts, or skin tags that bother you, then you’re likely a candidate for skin lesion removal. A personal consultation with Dr. Anuj Purbey will ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your aesthetic needs and objectives which you have been waiting to receive from your GP.

Benefits of Skin Lesion Removal

Skin lesion removal is a process that caters to various skin issues like moles, cysts, and skin tags. By choosing to undergo skin lesion removal treatment at our clinic has several advantages

Our aesthetic clinic offers various treatments to suit each patient’s unique needs. These benefits, packed with the added advantage of potentially spotting skin cancer early, make skin lesion removal an investment in not just your appearance but also your health.

The Skin Lesion Removal Process

Your experience is crucial in the journey towards regaining flawless skin and gaining a clear and confident you. Our process is segmented into stages, resulting in a seamless journey right from your initial consultation to your recovery.

Through this patient-centric process, we aim to not only transform your skin but also your experience.


Many of the skin lesion removal treatments involve minor procedures with minimal downtime. Patients usually resume normal activities shortly after. Comprehensive aftercare instructions and ongoing support from our team ensure a successful recovery.

Why Choose Dr. Anuj Purbey for Skin Lesion Removal?

Selecting the right expert for your skin lesion removal has a profound impact on your treatment experience and results. Dr. Anuj Purbey stands out for multiple reasons.

Years of dedicated work in the field of skin lesion removal has equipped Dr. Purbey with the necessary skills and experience to ensure excellent results. His time in the industry enhances his proficiency and ability to provide hassle-free procedures.

Dr. Purbey strongly believes in aligning his treatments with the needs and objectives of his patients. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, each step revolves around the patient’s comfort and expected results.

With Dr. Purbey, you can trust in the adherence to all safety protocols and measures. Each treatment offered is compliant with the highest standards of safety norms

Dr. Purbey’s relentless commitment to satisfying his patients reflects in the high satisfaction rates of his patients. This track record combined with his approachability adds confidence in your choice of choosing Dr. Purbey for your skin lesion removal.

Through these reasons and more, Dr. Anuj Purbey promises improvement in your skin and an upward curve on your confidence meter.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what previous patients have to say about their experiences with Dr. Anuj Purbey.

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Anon8 Nov 2022
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Wendy2 Oct 2022
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John Curtin
John Curtin26 Sept 2022
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Begin Your Journey to Flawless Skin

Book a transformative journey with Dr. Anuj Purbey, the leading liposuction specialist in UK, today.

Begin Your Journey to Flawless Skin

Are you ready to say goodbye to bothersome moles, cysts, or skin tags? Reach out to us today. Dr. Purbey and his dedicated team are ready to guide your journey towards perfect, unhindered skin. Say hello to skin you love and the renewed confidence you deserve.


Skin lesions are abnormal growths or patches on the skin, such as moles, warts, or cysts. They always look different and sometimes itchy too from the surrounding skin.

We recommend that you have any growth removed from your skin if it causes discomfort, interferes with your daily life or activities, has the potential to become malignant, or when you want a smooth and fresh skin.

The area surrounding the lesion is numbed with a local anaesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure.

Recovery times vary widely from patient to patient, but most people heal completely within a few weeks.

You can usually return to work or your normal activities the day after surgery. However, we may advise you to avoid strenuous physical activity for a few days afterward.

Scars tend to fade over time, but they can be more noticeable—or less so—depending on their location and size.

The cost of treating your stye can vary based on the type and location of the lesion. Please contact us to discuss pricing directly with a member of our team.

If a medical procedure is necessary to treat an ailment, it will be covered by insurance. Cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, may not be insured if they are deemed unnecessary.

While rare, complications such as infection, nerve damage, or an allergic reaction to anaesthesia can occur.

Irregular borders, varying colour, rapid growth, bleeding, or itching can all indicate a potentially problematic lesion.

Yes, indeed. If we detect and biopsy a suspicious skin lesion early on, it can help diagnose skin cancer at an early stage.

If a mole changes in size, colour, shape or starts to itch or bleed, it may need to be checked for cancer. Some people might also choose to remove it for cosmetic reasons.

The procedure usually involves numbing the area around the mole and using a small blade to cut it off. If the mole is large, sutures may be required.

Most cysts are harmless and disappear on their own. However, some can grow large, become painful, or look unsightly. These might need to be removed.

In a typical procedure, the area around the cyst is numbed, a small incision is made, and then the cyst is removed. The wound is then cleaned, and sutures or a dressing is applied.

Skin tags are usually harmless and don’t require treatment. However, they might be removed if they become irritated, if they are in visible areas, or for cosmetic reasons.

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