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Regain your natural physique and boost your self-confidence. Align yourself with the leading gynecomastia specialist in Manchester for a private and personal consultation. By choosing Dr. Anuj Purbey, you receive a promise of safety, realistic results, and an unwavering commitment to your aesthetic dreams.

Restore your natural shape and enhance your self-confidence with Dr. Anuj Purbey’s gynecomastia treatment. Ranked among the leading gynecomastia specialist in Manchester, Dr. Anuj Purbey offers exceptional care, using his remarkable skills to deliver realistic and life-changing results. Commitment, safety, and a focus on articulated aesthetic goals drive every one of our personalized treatment journeys.

Before and After

Gynecomastia Surgery Before And After Photos

Feeling curious about the results? Take a look at our Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After images. You can note the striking difference, a proof of the aesthetic transformation that’s possible with gynecomastia surgery at Dr. Anuj Purbey’s clinic.


What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a common condition where men’s breasts become larger than what’s typically considered normal. This condition may affect one or both breasts and can sometimes cause tenderness. Although it can affect men at any age, it’s most prevalent in teenagers and older men due to hormonal changes.

Gynecomastia can arise due to hormone imbalance—too much estrogen, a feminizing hormone, can cause the chest tissue to grow. While too little testosterone, a masculinizing hormone, fails to counterbalance the estrogen’s impact. This imbalance resulting in enlarged male breasts can also be linked to obesity, aging, or certain medications.

Why is Gynecomastia treatment necessary?

Bulging male breasts not only affect one’s physical appearance, but they’re also associated with certain psychological distresses. Men may face embarrassment, social awkwardness, and low self-esteem due to gynecomastia and consequently, seek surgical assistance to correct it. Remember, it’s not just about physical transformation, but enhancing one’s emotional wellbeing too.

How does Gynecomastia Treatment work?

Dr. Anuj Purbey’s gynecomastia treatment primarily involves Vaser Liposuction for male breast reduction, a minimally invasive procedure. Under general anaesthesia, we make a small incision around the areola to extract the excess fat cells using liposuction. Based on the fat volume, nipple repositioning might be necessary to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. The surgery typically takes around 1-2 hours, and then patients stay in the hospital for post-procedure supervision.

Post-treatment Recovery

One of the main advantages of Vaser Liposuction for male breast reduction is its relatively faster recovery phase. Patients receive comprehensive aftercare instructions – a clear roadmap to recovery. After spending a few days at rest post-surgery, most patients can typically resume normal activities within a week or two depending upon individual healing progress. Of course, our team is always on standby to help you with each recovery step.

Decoding Gynecomastia: The Root Causes

While gynecomastia is commonly attributed to hormonal imbalances, several root factors can contribute to its onset:

By understanding the root causes, our experts can tailor each treatment strategy, consistently delivering stunning results.

Gynecomastia vs. Pseudogynecomastia

Dr. Anuj Purbey’s skilled team also addresses pseudogynecomastia, a condition caused by an accumulation of excess body fat rather than breast tissue. This is common among overweight and obese men and can be resolved through weight loss programs, exercise, or liposuction if the usual methods are ineffective.

Gynecomastia Treatment

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Take a firm step towards the body you so wish and deserve. Book a transformative journey for gynecomastia treatment with Dr. Anuj Purbey, the leading liposuction specialist in the UK, today.

Book a transformative journey with Dr. Anuj Purbey,
the leading liposuction specialist in UK, today.

Book a transformative journey with Dr. Anuj Purbey, the leading liposuction specialist in UK, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial improvements in your chest’s shape will be visible as soon as the surgery is complete. However, it takes around three months for the full results to emerge—since this is how long it takes for your body to adjust and fully adapt to these changes.

The procedure is performed while you are under general anaesthesia, so it will be pain-free. Any discomfort during the recovery period can be managed with prescribed medication, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our doctors’ expertise, coupled with the state-of-the art facilities and technology, minimizes potential complications from the surgery. Potential risks include infection, unfavourable scarring or blood clots—but these are rare and manageable in most cases when our in-house surgeon Dr. Anuj Purbey performs the operation.

Many people can go back to work within 1-2 weeks after surgery, but it depends on what kind of job you have. For physical activity, patients should wait 2-3 weeks before starting any exercises; more strenuous workouts must be avoided for at least 6 weeks postoperative period.

Gynecomastia surgery offers numerous benefits, including an improved self-image and increased confidence. It also allows patients to return to their normal lifestyle activities—for example swimming or working out at the gym.

The procedure can also be used to correct asymmetrical male breasts and improve nipple location.

Gynecomastia surgery is safe and has been performed for over 50 years. The most common side effects include swelling, bruising or soreness at the incision site; however these symptoms usually go away within a few weeks of recovery.

Other possible complications include infection and nerve injury, but they are rare and with additional treatment can be easily taken care of.

Gynecomastia is typically caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body. This can happen naturally during different phases of life, including infancy (when baby is transitioning to a boy), puberty and older age (over 50).

Other causes of gynecomastia can include medications, health conditions (like liver disease and thyroid problems), substance use—such as alcohol and marijuana.

Gynecomastia is usually not serious, but it can be painful and may indicate a more severe underlying condition such as liver disease or cancer if not treated in time. If you think that you are experiencing symptoms of gynecomastia, it’s best to consult with an experienced doctor for further advice.

Gynecomastia can usually be diagnosed through a physical examination and review of medical history. In some cases, doctors might recommend further testing like blood tests or mammograms to rule out other conditions—but this is rare.

Yes, gynecomastia often goes away on its own if it’s the result of something like puberty or aging that can easily be reversed. If a man has chest fat because he’s obese and not taking steps to address his weight issue, has other health conditions or substance abuse then surgery may be needed in order to achieve better results.

Although regular exercise and a healthy diet have been shown to help reduce overall body fat and build muscle, they can’t specifically target the excess breast tissue caused by gynecomastia.

If you are having problems with gynecomastia that cause physical discomfort or psychological distress, consult a medical practitioner at the earliest.

The typical recovery time from surgery is 1–2 weeks, and strenuous activities should be avoided for around 6 weeks. However, the length of recovery period varies depending on various factors such as individual health and specifics of the procedure.

If the cause of gynecomastia has been corrected with surgery and if hormone levels are restored to normal, then it is unlikely that those who have had their glands removed will experience further problems.

Confidence, Your body, A better life — it’s time to make it happen! With Dr. Anuj Purbey, a top vaser liposuction specialist in the UK and his expert team by your side, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly as you embark on this new journey towards self-improvement.

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